Lab-grown HPHT polished diamonds grown by Alkor-D are identical to mined diamonds: all physical, chemical and optical properties are equal or supreme for those of natural diamonds. They are environmentally friendly and certified at international gemological laboratories such as IGI and GIA.

Alkor-D is the one of few companies in the world , which is able to propose pure and saturated Fancy Blue colors of large sizes and mimic the color of the natural diamond.

Moreover we are able to produce special diamonds from different materials such as wood, leather, hair, wool and so on. We clean out a material from all organic and inorganic substances to leave off only pure carbon and use this carbon in growing process.

Commercially are available polished diamonds:

  • Sizes: 0.01 – 20.0 Ct
  • Colors: D-K and Fancy
  • Clarity: IF-I

High-purity synthetic HPHT single-crystal diamond (SCD) plates produced by Alkor-D have no strain, defects, surface cracks and pits. The main advantages of SCD plates are large work area without bulk defects, perfect crystalline structure, low level of dislocations and uncontrolled impurities. All of them are almost identical and characterized by low birefringence.

Unique HPHT technology of diamond growth allows us to produce impressively large substrates up to 15.0 x 15.0 mm. Always in stock are SCD plates from 2.5 x 2.5 mm up to 10.0 x 10.0 mm with standard thickness of 0.5 mm and (100) top surface orientation.

High-power and high-accuracy smart water-jet laser allows to cut mono- and multi-sectorial substrates with different shapes. Due to the complicated morphology of HPHT diamonds we are able to produce SCD plates with different surface orientations, e.g. (111), (110), (113) and so on.

Moreover you can order Nitrogen and Boron doped SCD plates with different concentrations of such impurities.

Contact a manager if your research requires specific characteristics and sizes.

Diamond anvils produced by Alkor-D are cut and polished from laboratory-grown (synthetic) HPHT single-crystal diamonds of IIa type. Due to their exceptional properties diamond anvils are used in research centers to study various materials behavior under high pressure over 100 GPa.

Commercially available are smooth and faceted anvils. Generally, we provide anvils with diameter from 2.60 mm and up to 4.65 mm, but you can choose your own shape, size, diameter and type. Anvil table is oriented by (100) with deviation of not more than 5°.

There are no inclusions, cracks and defects. Perfect diamond structure and low level of dislocations and impurities guarantees low birefringence of anvils.

Diamond lenses produced by Alkor-D are cut and polished from IIa type laboratory-grown (synthetic) HPHT single-crystal diamonds. Diamond lenses due to their unique optical properties can be applied in technologies functioning in the infrared, ultraviolet, visible and X-ray ranges.

High chemical, radiation and temperature stability make diamond an ideal material for lenses which are used in extreme environment, e.g. in synchrotrons for focusing tiny but powerful X-ray beams.

  • X-Ray refractive diamond lenses
  • Diamond lenses for spectrometers
  • Diamond intraocular lenses (DIOL)



Process that needs millions of years is now controlled by human. Recreating natural environment of diamond growth in special laboratories, we are able to grow and facet real diamonds, that physically, chemically, optically and aesthetically are equal to the natural diamond.

It is not a secret that diamonds are the most desirable, mysterious and spectacular gem stone. Due to company’s innovative technology, you can get not only a diamond of the best quality with a great selection of sizes, colors and shapes, but also get the confidence that you have contributed to the development of new technologies, to the preservation of nature and environment and to our future.


Due to production know-how details, we have an opportunity to grow the purest type IIa diamond plates of large sizes without any losses of unique properties of a diamond, which create new opportunities for optics production.

Crystal-clear diamond plates up to ½ inch sizes, retaining their extreme hardness and high coefficient of thermal conductivity have a high demand in medical, military, aerospace and research industries; they are highly used in particle acceleration process, laser systems, analytical instruments and other high-power equipment.

Our diamond components can be used as UV and IR windows, laser optics components, lenses for gyrotrons, monochromators and X-ray focusing equipment, particle detectors and even to increase the quality of information transmission. Due to its high refractive index an optical diamond element can minimize information losses during transmission of a signal with the highest safety level in addition to the capacity increase.


Micro and power electronics

Alkor-D proposes  the purest colorless type IIa diamonds, but for micro and power electronics we are able to add the necessary concentration of boron in the synthesis process to obtain better material conductivity (types IIb and IIa+IIb) used in electro-chemical industries.

Achieved results in collaboration with European partners have shown that chemical stability, conductivity and thermal shock resistance of diamonds differ them from other materials and creates a high demand in many electro-chemical sectors of industry as a semiconductor component, key element in diodes, transistors and thyristors, electrode in electrolytes, sensors, integral component in medical and UHF equipment.


Radiation detectors and monitors

A single-crystal diamond with low dislocations level grown by Alkor-D has a large effective surface (up to 90% of the total) and high sensitivity of the surface, which makes it a perspective material for particle detection in the radiation environment. Compared to currently used silicon (Si) based sensors, diamond sensors are able to detect much more signals, are the best electrical insulator and wear-resistant material. The use of a diamond in this sphere is now widely recognized by high-energy particle detectors community all around the world.



Quantum applications

The ideal atomic structure of our diamonds is perfect for research in the sphere of quantum photonics and optics. The spin of the electron in the NV- center (an atomic level defect in a diamond) was proved to be effective media storage for information and quantum computing. Type IIa diamonds with low-dislocation level and without impurities and contaminations are one of the most perspective solutions in this sphere. Although this technology is still in at a development stage, there is no doubt that such material as diamond will play very important part in quantum research.



We grow flawless clean diamonds, ideal for use in the manufacturing industry

Mechanical applications

Diamond is known for its unique hardness. Strong and tough carbon compounds formed by billions of tetrahedral cells which are the source of mechanical strength of diamonds. Perfect, clean diamonds with  (111) and (100) morphology have the highest level of rigidity and hardness and are ideal for high-precision mechanical engineering applications.

The ideal crystal purity guarantees high wear resistance and low coefficient of tool friction even if a diamond layer is very thin. Strong diamond material significantly increases life-time of an instrument and equipment, providing more cost-effective solution in long-term perspective.



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