Ukrainian company Alkor-D  is а leader in the field of growing large pure diamonds with High Pressure High Temperature Technology. Our warehouse contains over 15,000 lab grown product units of varying quality, color, shape and size (from 1 mm up to exclusive gems).

The main range we offer is jewelry-quality polished diamonds represented by sizes from 0.01 to 20.00 ct. Our saturated Fancy Blue, Yellow and Pink colors 100% coincide with the natural color thanks to our own developed technology.

Our technological process is based on the latest developments of НРНТ (High Pressure High Temperature) method.

By the way, we produced the largest lab grown diamond in the world 109.81ct, black color and this record was approved by Guinness World Records. Also Alkor-D has the largest HPHT diamond in the world - 20.23 Ct (Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange, VS1).

Our Colorless and Fancy Color lab grown diamonds are graded to the same specifications as natural diamonds and accompanied by Diamond Grading Reports from leading independent laboratories such as IGI and GIA.



Besides polished diamonds, we also could propose you diamond plates, diamond anvils, diamond lenses, fine jewelry and service of growing the bio/memorial diamonds.

Alkor-D has 3 main partners - the exclusive distributor Meylor Global, the jewelry brand Solo for Diamonds and diamond processing plant Izumrud.

We created an alternative to the natural diamonds. It is always good to have an option. We produce new product – new diamond, which shows our attitude to nature. We really care! It is time to take thought about the real price of products we consume. By using lab grown diamonds we made a serious challenge to the process of natural diamonds mining.

More sparkle, more cleanliness, more transparency with environmentally friendly position gives us more harmony in the world.

If you have an order or any questions, please, contact us to discuss the details. We offer favorable terms for first-hand cooperation for both large factories and small jewelry workshops. We also guarantee long-term partnership and quality of world renown.


We offer only diamonds grown by HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) technology, which accelerates the natural process, improves it and makes it absolutely environmental friendly.

Natural diamond crystals formed millions — sometimes billions — years ago as deep as 100-200 km under the earth, where temperature reaches 1100-1300 degrees Celsius and pressure is 50-60 kilobars. Such conditions facilitate the transition of carbon from graphite to another modification — a diamond having a cubic structure densely packed with atoms. Subsequently the crystals are carried to the earth's surface through volcanic activity that creates 'kimberlite pipes'.

Our technology is based on the latest development of HPHT method — a harmonious symbiosis of the nature creation, science and human technologies.

With the help of special cubic hydraulic press units, the HPHT method recreates natural geological conditions that occur at a depth of hundreds of kilometers in the Earth's mantle. The conditions are a unique and powerful combination of extreme pressure and very high temperatures. To grow a diamond in a cubic press, the tiny natural or synthetic diamond seeds are carefully placed into the bottom of a growth cell. The layers of additional metal-solvent and carbon, in the form of graphite, are then delicately placed on the top of diamond seeds. The growth cell is then placed into the center of the cubic press and heated to 1,500 degrees C while being subjected to 50-60 kilobars. At that temperature and pressure the metal in the growth cell is melted and the graphite very slowly transforms through the liquid metal into our favorite form of carbon, a diamond crystal.

HPHT diamonds we offer are grown in controlled facilities by professional engineers, scientists and technicians using a modest amount of electricity and resources.

Diamond creation process is one of the most precise and difficult manufacturing techniques that humans have ever achieved. It took almost 50 years to develop the precision to grow routinely gemstone quality diamonds larger than one carat.

As a result of this process the lab grown diamonds have the same crystal structure, chemical composition and similarity of optical and mechanical properties with the mined diamonds.

HPHT technology has come so far to the level that now it is possible to produce up to 100 carat of rough diamonds delight of gemologists, jewelers and diamond connoisseurs around the world.

Following the nature process, our technicians additionally use impurities to create fancy color diamonds: boron to get fancy blue, nitrogen to get fancy yellow. Pink diamonds are the result of the diamond crystal lattice slight deformations due to various post growth treatments.



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