One of the options Alkor-D  is growing the bio / memorial diamonds.

Each bio / memorial diamond is naturally grown and truly unique. The only difference between natural diamonds and bio / memorial diamonds is their origin: the carbon atoms of bio / memorial diamonds are from the specifically selected and transformed organic remains instead of carbon sources  found underground.

Our bio / memorial diamonds are made from different organic materials as represented for instant by hair, blood, wood, pets or human cremation ashes of the deceased.

  - up to 99.99% pure (4N purity) carbon; from elements of life.

  - No heavy metals; no artificial colorings, no unstable chemicals.

  - Natural diamonds used as the essential seed crystal; no use of CVDs.


Only high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) processes using cubic presses are used for the production of our bio /memorial diamonds. The bio/memorial diamond creation process takes up to 2 months depending on the size and color desired.

Transformation of organic carbon into diamond is possible because carbon is the second-most-abundant atomic element in the human body, and diamonds are made of crystallized carbon. Carbon can be extracted from hair, blood, wood, cremated human or animal remains in a particulate or gaseous form by heating. The carbon jointly with other elements are then purified for example by acids purification technique and subsequently graphitized. Then the newly obtained graphitized material is placed into a specific growing cell of the HPHT press unit.

 The duration of growing process depends on the requested size of stone. So if the growing cell will stay in the HPHT-press for more longer time, we will get the bigger diamond. There are some colors we could produce, like blue, yellow or pure colorless.

Human hair consists of 50% Carbon. For the creation of one or more Bio / Memorial Diamonds we need minimum 10 g of hair. Whereas human body contains around 20% of carbon. In this case our diamonds can be created from 50 grams of ashes. For any other organic material, please consult our specialist as for optimal amount of materials needed. 

 We can produce diamonds from the remains of almost all animals, including cats, dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, birds, chinchillas, rabbits, etc. This process gives the opportunity to turn pet ashes into diamonds as the best way to revere the memory and save every moment you shared with your precious friends.

In addition to cremated ashes of the deceased, you also can add photos of the deceased, personal letters, diaries other natural elements of life. You can convert any significant thing for you into this bio diamond. If you would like to keep the part of the person you loved close, it is the best way to put such diamond in pendant, ring or other jewelry and share its beauty with others. The sense of this jewelry is more deep and sensitive than simple souvenir, this is the opportunity for family members to heal and keep a solid memory of their loved ones and always be together. 

Imagine how romantic it could be, if you make propose with the diamond produced, for example, from the most beautiful unique flower, or from the letter to your beloved person, which explains your feelings, or from the photos, where you are happy together. This stone will have not only a romantic history of creation, but also the positive energy of love inside, which for sure could greatly influence on your relationships.

A very popular option is to grown Personal Diamond from few drops of blood of 2 beloved people.

This service is the best way to include the most valuable memories in the gift for your beloved person and to make a propose with the very special memorial diamond ring.


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